Jody Simpson

Web Design.

Simple websites. CMS systems. Online stores. Responsive Design. Contact us for more information.

Email Design.

Design and sending/management of emails to client databases. Contact us for more information.

Web Hosting.

We offer simple web hosting for select clients. Contact us for more information.

Print Design.

Some people still print stuff. We can help with the design. Contact us for more info.

Digital Marketing.

Digital strategy, marketing, social media and the whole works. Contact us if you need help.

Hands on service.

No work is out-sourced. If we take on a job - we do the work. We don't take on all projects that come our way.

design advice

When designing your website - I insist on getting your written content up front. What your site needs to say IS more important that how it looks and no matter how much you try to convince me otherwise - I'm not starting a web project without copy.

Jody Simpson - Web Designer since 2000

The most important inspirations and influences in your life and career will come from places other than the design world. Get away from the design scene and cultivate other interests, skills, and experiences. Those are the things that will give you passion and distinguish you.

David Young

Don’t assume people are familiar and comfortable with (or even aware of) the design process. What we do is often a mystery to people and it’s worth taking the extra time in input sessions and (especially) presentations to explain, in normal and human and non-jargony terms, how you went about approaching the solving of a problem.

Alexander Isley

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